• Zachary Sanchez


    Zachary Sanchez


Talent 100 Mentor
Zachary Sanchez
Learning Centre
School Attended
St. Aloysius College
Bachelor of Science (Adv.) (Hons) and Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) at the University of New South Wales
Placed in Top Quartile of Simon Marias Mathematics Competition (2017)

Top 5 Study Tips

1Practice. No matter how many notes you take throughout the year for your subjects, nothing will ever beat sitting down and doing practice questions consistently and getting peer-reviewed feedback.

2Keep track of your mistakes. Many students fail to realise there is a consistent area where they are making careless mistakes. It is important to identify this area early by noting where you are making mistakes in past papers, then refining your focus to fixing your understanding of the concept before continuing.

3Read more. In subjects like Economics and Advanced English, reading prescribed texts and newspaper articles will heavily deepen your understanding of the content, as well as subconsciously improving your writing skills.

4Find a hobby. Make sure you are learning something other than just syllabus content throughout the year. You can learn a programming language, learn how to draw, learn how to sing - whatever you find interesting.

5Be active. Dedicate long periods of time to study, but also dedicate time to friends, sport and extra-curricular. If you are studying effectively, you will find more time to spend winding down and being relaxed before your next study session.

Zachary's 2019 Timetable

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