Year 9 Year 9 English Program

Enhancing your skills in creative writing, poetry and drama.

Year 9 Year 9 English Program

Enhancing your skills in creative writing, poetry and drama.

Learn ahead of your school and your peers

We teach Year 9 English ahead of your school, so you’ll have the advantage over your peers.

Term 1, 2019

28 Jan - 07 Apr

Short Stories I
Short Stories II
Short Stories III
Short Stories IV
Lost Youth: War Poetry I
Lost Youth: War Poetry II
Lost Youth: War Poetry III
Lost Youth: War Poetry IV

Term 2, 2019

29 Apr - 07 Jul

Shakespeare I
Shakespeare II
Shakespeare III
Shakespeare IV
Writing Folio I
Writing Folio II
Writing Folio III
Writing Folio IV

Term 3, 2019

22 Jul - 29 Sep

Film Study I
Film Study II
Film Study III
Film Study IV
From Innocence to Experience I
From Innocence to Experience II
From Innocence to Experience III
From Innocence to Experience IV

Term 4, 2019

14 Oct - 22 Dec

One Act Plays I
One Act Plays II
One Act Plays III
One Act Plays IV
Speeches and Public Speaking I
Speeches and Public Speaking II
Speeches and Public Speaking III
Speeches and Public Speaking IV

Meet your mentors

We call our tutors ‘Mentors’ because they are Top-State Ranking, PhD Academics or Qualified Teachers, who not just tutor students, but mentor them.

A class time for you

10 weekly lessons each term for Year 9 English success.


Sat10:45 am — 12:15 pm
 01:00 pm — 02:30 pm
Sun09:00 am — 10:30 am


Sun04:30 pm — 06:00 pm


Sat10:45 am — 12:15 pm


Sun02:45 pm — 04:15 pm

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What you will receive

Small Classes

With an average of 8 students, you’ll systematically review the every syllabus dot point so you have a deep 1st-principles understanding of the key theory.

Personalised Tutorials

Extra tutorials for you if you need extra help. You can asks questions on Talent 100 work, school work or assessments.

Exam-style Homework

HSC Style homework conditions you to the style, structure and rigour of HSC exams to train perfect exam technique.

Online Resources

Advanced online learning resources and videos, exam style homework with solutions and over 3,000 school past papers.

Regular Feedback

Feedback is key to improvement, so we give homework feedback weekly and report cards termly so you know exactly what you need to work on.

Learning Community

Be part of a community that inspires and state of the art learning centres where you can study and relax.

I often use the analogy of swimming to explain how Talent 100 has helped me: they teach you ‘stroke correction’…how to swim more efficiently, so you swim faster and get to the end quicker

Bridie Peters

Talent 100 has really fostered my learning. Their mentors are always willing to help and the online resources were immense and allowed me to learn anywhere at any time. I’ve really enjoyed my time at Talent 100 and I will miss it a lot when I finish my HSC.

Isobel Healey

I believe that Talent 100 is the best tutoring centre in NSW. After I came to Talent, I got top marks in my class… I guarantee that Talent 100 will not disappoint you.

Jay Cheung

Talent 100 is almost like a second home to me as I have met many new and amazing people who have inspired me to find myself in the world. The staff are very caring and friendly and are constantly there to assist you if you have any troubles.

Janaki Kodakalla

Great futures begin with great HSC results

Great futures begin with great HSC results

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