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Do you understand the importance of scaling and subject selection in the HSC?

Do you understand how scaling works, and how your final ATAR will be calculated?

Learn what some schools don’t tell you

Talent 100 can tell you everything you need to know in this FREE ONE HOUR special seminar presentation that demystifies scaling and the HSC. Learn what it takes to achieve your desired ATAR as early as possible.

The seminar was created by Richard Chua, the Founder of Talent 100, who achieved a perfect score in his HSC (100 UAI), and is designed to educate students and families on the importance of taking a strategic approach to the HSC. It’s the foundation on which Talent 100 was built, and the inspiration behind the design of all of our course programs.

Understanding scaling will help students work smarter rather than harder in their HSC, reducing stress and allowing them to focus on the work that will count in their final HSC exams.

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Presented by one of Talent 100’s Senior Mentors, you will learn:

  • Exactly how your ATAR is calculated
  • How scaling works and the importance of subject selection
  • How to translate your desired ATAR into a mark for each of your subjects
  • The effect your school has on your ATAR (we can tell you if the academic performance of the school you attend will influence your final results)
  • How different subjects scale (for example, Mathematics versus Humanities versus Sciences versus English)
  • The subjects you should consider if you are going into Year 11 or Year 12 next year
  • How to use this information to gain a competitive advantage in your HSC

Learn The Secrets Of Scaling And Subject Selection

Followed by Q&A

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Calculate the Atar you need

to get into your desired university

degree with talent 100’s new and

most advanced online atar profiler

The Talent 100 ATAR Calculator is an online learning tool that will:

  • Breakdown a target ATAR and help you set achievable subject goals
  • Allow students to track their HSC progress throughout the year
  • Help students make informed decisions around their ATAR
  • Help students make informed decisions about getting into their desired university degree
  • Aggregate the last 6 years of University entrance requirements for the university of your choice

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