HSC Results (2018) you can count on


23 students achieved over 99 ATAR


5 HSC State Ranks


70% of students achieved 90+ ATAR


38% of students achieved 97+ ATAR

New HSC Syllabus

In July 2016, the NSW Minister of Education announced a set of reforms which will be examined for the first time in 2019. These changes to the Mathematics, Science and English courses will have a significant impact for all students sitting the HSC in 2020 and beyond.

What’s Changing       HSC Subject Guides

Teachers with
Proven Credentials.

Our mix of high achievers, PhD academics and qualified teachers help you achieve your HSC goals.

Learning System.

Our program caters for all types of students to accelerate or improve, which is reinforced through tutorials, marked homework, holiday revision and exam preparation support all year round.

Success in School
and Beyond.

Be part of a community that inspires. Our Seminar Series prepares students for their HSC exams and careers after that.

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Student Testimonials

The best part of Talent 100 has been the optimal learning environment. Smaller classes allow for the already great tutors to have a greater focus on each student’s strengths and weaknesses, and allows for effective communication between class members.

Sunny Guan – 99.25 ATAR (2018)


The Mentors are people who genuinely care for you so you are more involved and engaged in the lessons.

Emily Liao ATAR 99.75 (2018)


They don’t judge. Even if you ask the most basic questions, they’re alright with that.

Farah Maudud – 2019 Student


The resources were very detailed and covered most of the information required to be learnt by students over the course of the HSC year. The homework tests a wide range of questions of the material learnt in class, and through this regular revision, I was able to patch up any little weaknesses I had in my responses.

Sunny Guan – ATAR 99.25 (2018)


Helping students of all abilities achieve their HSC goals

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