Final (2017) Results you can count on


21 students achieved over 99 ATAR


9 HSC State Ranks


60% of Maths Ext 1&2 scored Band 6


Over 80% of our Medstart students were accepted into medicine

New HSC Syllabus

In July 2016, the NSW Minister of Education announced a set of reforms which will be implemented for Year 11 and Year 12 students in 2019. These changes to the Mathematics, Science and English courses will have a significant impact for all students sitting the HSC in 2019 and beyond.

What’s Changing       HSC Subject Guides

Teachers with
Proven Credentials.

Our mix of top-state ranking students, PhD academics and qualified teachers from the best NSW schools will simplify your path to HSC success.

Learning System.

Our program accelerates learning ahead of school, which is reinforced through tutorials, marked homework, holiday revision and exam preparation support all year round.

Success in School
and Beyond.

Be part of a community that inspires. Our Seminar Series prepares students for their HSC exams and careers after that.

Our Seminars

Student Testimonials

In physics, I was actually struggling a bit at school. The resources at Talent 100, as well as the teaching, actually got me to almost a state rank mark.

Faysal Ayub

I went to a selective school where it’s a very competitive scene. No-one wants to share notes, but here we’re not trying to fight each other for ranks… and we just study really well together.

Max Xiao

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve been given is that this is my future and my responsibility and I think that was a huge motivator for me throughout my HSC. I still hold that quote dear to me today.

Jennifer Zhao

What I enjoyed the most about Talent 100 was the student and Mentor interaction. Not only did they help us with our studies academically, but they also gave us advice on how to balance our lives during this stressful year.

Andrew Auwyang
Great futures begin with great HSC results

Great futures begin with great HSC results

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