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x18 students have
achieved a 99.95 ATAR
x4 Students achieved
a 99.95 in 2015


30% of our student
cohort scored
above 99 ATAR


60% of our student
cohort scored
above 96 ATAR


Talent 100 students are 4 times
more likely to score band 6,
than the average student


x5 state ranks in 2015,
1st and 3rd in Chemistry
& 7th in Physics in 2015


Results that speak for themselves

Your ATAR is more than just a number; it’s a springboard to your dream career.

Our personalised and results-focused Courses or Programs have helped more than 5,000 students achieve exceptional ATARs, and get into Australia’s top universities and the world’s most prestigious Ivy League schools.

With our unique approach to teaching and mentorship,
Talent 100 will guide you all the way!

Meet The Mentors

You Will Be Tutored By Top State Ranking Mentors, Phd Academics & Qualified Teachers

Our Mentors know exactly what it takes to top the state, and they can help you do it too.

We call our teachers and tutors ‘Mentors’ because they deliver so much more than simple theory and content. Our Mentors guide our students to HSC success while providing invaluable advice throughout their HSC journey.

We’ve worked hard to assemble the best teachers in the country. Our diverse academic team includes PhD academics, Master’s degree graduates, Teachers who have led departments at some of Sydney’s leading schools and HSC-topping STEM, Law and Business graduates.

We believe this diversity, combined with a shared commitment to excellence, is what makes Talent 100 so unique. And, unlike at school, you actually get to choose who you want to learn from and when!

Talent 100 Mentors are all outstanding achievers, but it’s their passion for teaching that matters most. While an exceptional academic record is a must, our Mentors are also chosen for their ability to engage with students and guide them to HSC success.


Our Learning Environments

The Learning Centre Of The Future And A Home Away From Home

The first of their kind in Australia, Talent 100’s new state-of-the-art learning centres are the brainchild of Richard Chua (Talent 100’s Founder) and Sarah Spiteri (our CEO).

“I was inspired by my time at Google – where we had fun, creative communal workspaces that fostered some of the greatest minds on the planet. They call this ‘work-life blend’ in Silicon Valley – the idea that when you’re really passionate about something, there doesn’t always need to be a distinction between your work and your personal life.” Richard Chua – Founder of Talent 100

With design thinking that focuses on 21st century learning, our new centres deliver a holistic and aspirational learning environment for students. The fusion of everyday mindfulness with digital technology is leading the way for more innovative learning, where students feel relaxed and motivated to achieve their goals amongst like-minded peers in a vibrant and supportive learning community.

See What They’re Saying

I often use the analogy of swimming to explain how Talent 100 has helped me: they teach you ‘stroke correction’…how to swim more efficiently, so you swim faster and get to the end quicker

Bridie Peters

I started the school year not really liking Maths…but my Mentor with his enthusiasm and the learning community’s dedication really inspired me.

Nikki Liang

Talent 100 helped me to revise all the content so that when I was actually doing exams it felt simplified.

Eugene Heo

Talent helped me to simplify my HSC by breaking down the subjects into syllabus dot points

Michael Liu

What Is ATAR Profiling?

Not all HSC subjects are created equal.

Our ATAR targeting system will help you develop an effective study strategy. We will show you which subjects have the greatest potential to boost your ATAR. By focusing on these subjects, you’ll use your time wisely and give yourself the best chance of getting into your dream degree. Watch our video to understand how ATAR targeting works and discover how to calculate your ATAR with Talent 100’s new ATAR Profiler.

Learn The Secrets Of Scaling

Confused about HSC subject scaling? Learn how to achieve any ATAR and study smarter, not harder! The FREE ‘Secrets of the HSC’ Seminar is a 1.5-hour presentation that shows you, step by step, how your ATAR is calculated and how scaling impacts your ATAR. HSC scaling and the calculation of your ATAR is a topic many schools choose to avoid. However, given that your ATAR determines what degree and career you can choose, it makes sense to understand exactly how it works.


Set Your ATAR Target

With Nsw’s Most Advanced And Accurate ATAR Profiler

With Nsw’s Most Advanced And Accurate ATAR Profiler

Redesigned with both students and parents in mind, Talent 100’s NEW ‘ATAR Profiler’™ provides the most up-to-date and accurate indication of the scores you’ll need in each subject to enter your dream degree and university, while helping you understand the importance of scaling and subject selection. Our profiler includes the past 6 years of university entrance ATARs.

Choose The Right Subjects

Learn What Most Schools Won’t Tell You!

Did you know that being average in a higher-scaling subject will have a more positive impact on your final ATAR than being in the top 10% of students in a standard subject?

Selecting and focusing on subjects that scale the best in the HSC will boost your final ATAR.


Free 1 Week Trial

Experience the Talent 100 universe for yourself.

You’ll receive a free lesson in the subject of your choice, taught by one of Talent 100’s top state ranking Mentors or PhD/Masters academics. Includes:

  • Comprehensive class notes
  • Exam-style homework marked with feedback
  • A personalised tutorial after your class
  • Access to our state-of-the-art learning centres for private study
  • PLUS access to over 3,000 past papers and online video tutorials.

Nsw’s Leading Online Resource Platform

For Students Preparing For The Hsc

  • Guaranteed best study notes written by subject matter experts
  • Online learning videos to review lessons
  • Homework solutions in exam-style format
  • Over 3,000 of the best past papers curated by our academic team
  • 24/7 learning forums managed by our talented HSC-top ATAR scoring team and more.

Free Resources

Inspirational And Invaluable Resources For Hsc Success

A FREE sample of Talent 100’s online resource library of HSC and UMAT Reference materials:

  • Free HSC Study Guide
  • Free HSC Reference Handbook
  • Free Sample Notes, Homework and Videos
  • Free UMAT Sample Questions
  • Free UMAT Study Skills Guide

Talent 100 Learning Centre Locations

  • Chatswood
  • Epping
  • Hurstville
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