• Nathan Xie


    Nathan Xie


Talent 100 Mentor
Nathan Xie
Learning Centre
Chatswood, Epping
School Attended
North Sydney Boys High School
Doctor of Medicine at the University of New South Wales
LmusA for Performance in Piano, Ranked fourth in the state in Music Extension (2014)
Talent 100 is a cut above any other tutoring centre. The holistic approach to student wellbeing and education is what defines them, and creates a feeling of family and warmth. The notes are of the highest quality and include all relevant examples and theory. Talent's classes are small and focused, allowing individualised discussion of concepts and issues. Their environment is one which allows students to thrive and enjoy the final years of their high school education.

A graduate of North Sydney Boys High School, Nathan is currently studying Medicine at the University of New South Wales. He also possesses a Licentiate in Music (LMusA) for Performance Piano and ranked fourth in the state for Music Extension. He likes eating a lot of food, composing some chill songs, hiking along the coast, and picking up heavy metal things with numbers on them.

His secrets to HSC success? Remember that the HSC is a marathon, so have a clear goal, and have time out for life balance to prevent early burn out. Build your study schedule around the best method of study that works for you, and make sure you understand, not just rote learn concepts, because the HSC is designed to test your actual understanding.

Top 5 Study Tips

1Find what method of study works best for you, and what time of the day your study is most effective. Build your study schedules around this. If you function best in the afternoon, there is no point saying 'I'm going to rest when I get home, and study after dinner' if you end up falling asleep in your chair 1 hour in. 60% of information learned within 30 minutes of you falling asleep is not retained. But then again, 90% of statistics are made up ;)

2Download a 'to do list' app, such as Wunderlist. Set deadlines and put things into the list. This helps you keep track of what you have done, and what you still need to do.

3Have some time for yourself! Constant, non-stop study is not the way to go. Have some time to enjoy the year, go out to dinner with friends, play sports etc. HSC is a marathon, not a sprint, and if you constantly study you will burn out before the HSC exams even begin.

4Understand what you are learning - no rote learning! Many questions in the HSC are variations of standard questions, and only with a strong conceptual understanding will you score high marks for these. It's important to grind out past papers, and equally as important to understand the concepts behind questions - the difficult questions are often sly variations which require you to demonstrate a cohesive understanding of the concept in order to solve them.

5Have an end goal which motivates you and keeps you pushing through the longest nights. Dedicate yourself to achieving this goal. What will you put in to achieve what you have set out for? How far are you willing to push yourself? Ask yourself these questions when you are on the verge of giving up. If you are willing to work towards your dreams, then you will have no problem smashing out the HSC! Good luck!

Nathan's 2019 Timetable

No class schedules for this year.

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