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    Mary Chen

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Talent 100 Mentor
Mary Chen
Learning Centre
School Attended
Sydney Girls High School
Bachelor of Actuarial Studies at the University of New South Wales
Rank 1st in the state in Heritage Chinese Studies, Tutoring over 100 students in maths and chemistry. Interviewed by various media including the Sydney Morning Herald (Article name: "
Sydney Girls not intimidated by mathematical rigour" )
What I love about working at Talent 100 is that I can be part of an outstanding team of people who not only offer tutoring, but also holistic Mentorship and guidance. I have been through periods of struggle and helplessness and it was my teachers and Mentors who guided me out of those times that led to my success in the HSC and beyond. Talent 100 is all about helping students realise their goals and dreams and it is an incredible honour to watch my students grow, gain confidence, and flourish in their studies.

A graduate of Sydney Girls High School, Mary is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Actuarial Studies at the University of New South Wales. She topped the state in Heritage Chinese, and was featured in a Sydney Morning Herald article, "Sydney Girls not intimidated by mathematical rigour". She's also addicted to YouTube and enjoys Doctor Who.

Her secret to HSC success? Mary believes holistic Mentorship and guidance is the best help for students to achieve their goals and dreams.

Top 5 Study Tips

1Stay organised. Have a study plan that allows you to learn and complete something each day. Be specific with what you want to achieve and this will minimise being behind on work and procrastination before exams.

2Do lots of past papers, and most importantly, learn from the solutions! For maths, this will help you to improve your working out and expose you to a wider variety of questions. For English and chemistry, reading marking guidelines and sample answers, and adding anything you've missed to your notes definitely helps to fill the gaps in your understanding.

3Help others and ask for help. Some say that teaching is the best way of learning. So teach your friends, and teach yourself! It makes studying more interesting. Got an area you don't understand? Ask your teachers and friends, or book a Talent 100 tutorial and the tutors. Problems are more quickly solved when someone explains it to you.

4Sleep! Sleeping is just as important as learning. Research has consistently shown that taking the time to sleep before an exam will benefit your test score more than four or five hours of staying awake staring at notes that you will not remember. The reason being, you actually become smarter by sleeping, as the brain produces hormones beneficial for repair and growth, and consolidates memories of what we studied and learned that day. Making a commitment to sleep will lead to a lifetime of learning with much less effort and time!

5Study hard, play hard! Make sure you are always fully focused when studying. Stay away from any possible distractions. If you can always study with 100% concentration, you are bound to finish your work faster and this gives you more time to do the things you enjoy without having to worry about unfinished homework or unprepared exams! Never study and play at the same time - it gives you the illusion that you've worked for long hours, but in the end you still feel like you haven't studied enough.

Mary's 2019 Timetable

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