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    Anurag Chadha


Talent 100 Mentor
Anurag Chadha
Learning Centre
School Attended
Epping Boys High School
Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Sydney
The University of Sydney Scholarship for Excellence in Academic Achievement, The Bond Advantage Scholarship
I'm passionate about contributing the knowledge I acquired from my HSC at Talent 100. I hope to play a part in the holistic development of Talent 100 students, providing any advice I may have from previous experiences. Talent 100 have produced a program that is individually tailored to students needs and it's an exciting opportunity to contribute to their team by becoming a Mentor.

A graduate of Epping Boys High School, Anurag is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Commerce at The University of Sydney. His accolades include receiving the University of Sydney Scholarship for Excellence in Academic Achievement, and the Bond Advantage Scholarship. His interests include cricket, tennis, reading about George Orwell and an intense passion for investment, making his first one at the age of 16!

His secrets to HSC success? The HSC is a game you need to learn to play. Hard work wins every game. Some strategies include studying smarter by taking short breaks after an intense 45 minute session, sticking notes in the shower and most of all, "failing to plan is planning to fail".

Top 5 Study Tips

1Maintain some hobbies you enjoy in your HSC to add some fun!

2Be organised, one cannot stress this enough.

3Stick notes in your shower so you can read them, it actually works!

4Study smart, not hard - Take short breaks after studying for a 45 minute period.

5If you're being unproductive try to take a short break or do another subject.

Anurag's 2019 Timetable

No class schedules for this year.

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