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Led by Richard Chua, Talent 100’s ‘Subject Heads’ are subject matter experts and experienced leaders in their respective fields. We’re proud to have built a team of high calibre educators, PhD Academics, Masters qualified teachers (ex Heads of Sydney’s top Private Schools) and a Cambridge University Text Maths Book Author.

Teacher Testimonials

Our Mentors are pushed to enjoy the weekly privilege of challenging students to look more deeply, to discover their unique intelligence, and to mean everything they say or write. We see ourselves as both educators and mentors, and aim to create a teacher-student connection that helps students achieve their academic and career goals.

Richard Chua – Founder, Academic Director

Talent 100 possesses a unique culture, with unique opportunities for highly motivated students. The teachers are highly qualified professional educators, or gifted university students who communicate well and scored very high ATARs. This creates an environment where clever students are taught by clever teachers who understand what it takes to achieve one’s goals. With the current shortage of qualified and talented maths teachers, particularly for  the demanding HSC Extension courses, Talent 100 offers what is becoming less and less available at school, that is, the best learning opportunities.

David Sadler – Head of Maths and Co Author Cambridge University Text Maths Books.

Our Mentors Are Here To Help You Reach Your ATAR Target

We know what it takes to top the state in your HSC exams and we can help you do it too.

At Talent 100 we’ve worked hard to assemble the best and brightest teachers and tutors in the country.

It’s why you’ll find PhD’s and master’s degree graduates teaching alongside teachers who have headed the departments of some of Sydney’s best schools, right alongside the next generation of STEM, Law and Business graduates, who themselves have topped the HSC. We believe this diversity combined with a shared commitment to excellence makes Talent 100 pretty unique.

Unlike many tutoring colleges, we teach from first principles. We teach the concepts behind the theory so that students truly understand the content they are learning. There is no rote learning or memorisation of content. This matters not only in trials and the final HSC exam but later in life when students move on to University and into the workforce.

Why we call our teachers “Mentors”

We call our teachers and tutors “Mentors” because they deliver more than simply theory.
Talent 100 Mentors are all outstanding achievers but it’s their passion for teaching and mentoring that matters most. Whilst an exceptional academic record is a must, our Mentors are also chosen for their ability to work with students of all levels and provide the pastoral guidance for future success.

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Our style of teaching is highly results-focused. Our system of seminars and tutorials helps you develop a deep understanding of the concepts required. We comprehensively cover every single dot point, including practicals and research required in the sciences, which other tuition colleges skip. More importantly, our system of teaching is concise and practical. We’ll teach you exactly how to structure your responses to particular question types, with answers written by students who came first in the state in that subject. This way, you can be sure you know exactly what to write in exams to score full marks.

All of the above! Our approach is holistic. We provide students with the very best blended learning experience available by combining:

  • In-centre, interactive small group classes
  • Personalised tutorials
  • Access to online videos and resources with over 3,000 past papers to review at home (or anywhere else).

Our notes and resources are the best available in NSW. Students can gain access to exactly what they need when they need it, while being taught by some of the best teachers and Mentors who are subject matter experts and have just topped the HSC themselves.

Talent 100 students are taught by Phd and Masters academics, qualified teachers and undergraduate students who have achieved top state ranking results in their HSC and are studying the same degrees our students want to get into.

Talent 100’s Academic Team is led by our Founder, Richard Chua, and consists of:

  • David Sadler, our Head of Maths and co-author of Cambridge University maths textbooks
  • Phd academics and university medalists
  • Masters-qualified teachers
  • A second to none undergraduate team, featuring top state ranking Mentors (tutors) who have topped the state in the HSC every year from 2007 to 2015 in Maths, Advanced English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Economics.

Our Academic Team has collectively translated their knowledge and results into a practical high-quality set of notes that covers everything you need to know for the exams in the ideal level of detail.

The notes guide you through the syllabus in a step-by-step structure that is easy to understand and follow. They are also comprehensively designed to make your study time efficient. For example, in Physics and Chemistry, we include write-ups of all practicals with a discussion on reliability, validity and accuracy. This ensures you are able to answer questions, even if your practicals did not go as planned.

Effectively, our system of notes and teaching allows you to leverage the collective expertise of the HSC’s top performers.

We help our students to dramatically improve their marks through a two-tier system of teaching.

In our in-centre, interactive small group classes, we’ll familiarise you with the key theory, focusing on building a deep conceptual understanding from first principles, rather than through memorisation. A Talent 100 Mentor (teacher or tutor) explains the theory, working through typical HSC questions, before allowing you to reinforce what you learnt with further questions.

In an interactive and personalised tutorial, a Talent 100 Mentor will provide directed and individual feedback to you (and up to three other students) if you require help with your school or Talent 100 work.

Overall, our teaching system combines the best of a competitive class environment with the personal attention and care of having a private tutor.


 “Teaching at Talent 100 is like skydiving, it’s the ultimate teaching experience where as a teacher you’re inspired by the best and brightest minds”. – Craig Date B.Sc (Hons).  Dip. Ed.  M. Ed (Admin)

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