Our Mission

We Simplify The Path To HSC Success and Beyond.

Our aim is to help our Students Maximise Their ATARS So They Can Pursue Their Target Degrees And Professions.


Founded in 2009, Talent 100 was the first tutoring college to introduce a truly results-focused learning approach backed by a rich understanding of how scaling works.

Richard discovered what it took to succeed in the HSC after making a bold bet with his father that he could exceed his sister’s HSC mark. After she scored a UAI/ATAR of 99.90, Richard methodically researched what it took to achieve a perfect score. He achieved a perfect score, a UAI of 100 (equivalent to an ATAR of 99.95), and has since developed a framework to help others achieve the same success.

While completing a double degree in Law and Finance at UNSW, Richard founded Talent 100 on the same principles he used so successfully as a student. He’s often stated that he designed the programs and learning experiences he wished existed when he was at high school. Some of the key features include:

Scaling: Richard introduced the importance of understanding scaling and its implications on subject selection, holding free monthly seminars to educate students and their families. For the first time, students in NSW were able to understand how their performance in a single subject affected their overall ATAR.

Peer-based learning: Richard was a pioneer in facilitating peer-based learning, recognising through his own experience as a private tutor that many top-performing undergraduates studying Medicine, Law, Engineering and Commerce could also pass on their knowledge to the next generation of students. Not only had they recently mastered the content of the HSC, but they could also advise students on the very courses they aspired to study at university. Over time, our tutors naturally developed into ‘Mentors’

Theory and examination practice: Richard personally designed Talent 100 programs to centre around two core principles – that students should learn all content from first principles, and that they should cement that understanding with methodical examination technique.

Community and the ‘third space’: Our learning spaces provide a truly inspiring ‘third space’ between school and home, where students can master their studies in a safe, dynamic and collaborative learning environment with like minded students.

We are passionate about helping students achieve their very best. Most importantly, we recognise that it’s our people that make the difference.


Our vision is to empower bright, young minds to achieve their aspirations.

Accomplishing this in an increasingly challenging and competitive world requires thought leadership and constant innovation. We blend the best of a classical education with inventive breakthroughs in digital technology, delivering world-class educators, content, and peer-based learning in a dynamic, inclusive and supportive environment and learning community.

Our vision is a new approach to education. It’s a vision for students to make their talent count, by helping them ace the HSC and open doors to dream careers.




The people of Talent are the core of our Diverse and High Performance culture. We are proud of the team of top calibre and experienced educators we have built to deliver the services students need to achieve their goals.


The Talent 100 Leadership Team includes some of the brightest minds in Australia in their fields and is dedicated to providing the most innovative cutting edge of educational experience available in the country today. Our agile Leadership Team works both holistically and strategically – innovating, inventing and imagining – to bridge the gap between an existing, outdated public educational system and the systems society will need to deliver to enable our brightest minds to develop and succeed in the future.


Raising the standard of excellence in education starts with our Academic Team, which boasts some of Australia’s most respected educators.

Classical academic foundations underpin all of the innovation at Talent 100. Our team combines top-performing undergraduates with PhD academics, as well as some of the most experienced and visionary teachers in the country. We call them ‘Mentors’ instead of teachers and tutors because they impart so much more than just content and theory.

Our Academic Team knows the school system and the ways in which schools are failing to keep up with the challenges and rapid pace of change of today’s digital age.


Our Student Experience Team provides the essential face-to-face interaction with the families, parents and students that are part of the Talent 100 family to provide a network of support on an individual level – answering and resolving queries and questions and providing all-important guidance.

This high level of personal interaction and understanding is a key point of difference experienced by our students.




 “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn

Our students are the young leaders of tomorrow, coming from an incredibly diverse array of multicultural backgrounds. Their ambitions for a successful future and to have a positive impact on the world have brought them to Talent 100. They and their families recognise that together we are challenging the status quo, changing the education conversation and simplifying the journey to HSC success.

At Talent 100, our students excel as they discover state-of-the-art spaces and learning environments in which they can engage with other likeminded students, while also experiencing a personalised approach to learning. Talent 100 students aim for top results, and they top the state year after year.

Talent 100 has greatly improved my knowledge in all of the Year 10 subjects (English, Maths and Science). It has an amazing environment, and the tutors (Mentors) are great; they can relay their exceptional knowledge to the class clearly and coherently, and I know I can trust their knowledge as they have proved themselves by getting excellent results in their HSC. Talent 100 has really changed my studies in the best way possible.
Sunny Guan – Year 10 Student

Talent 100 Learning Centre Locations

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  • Epping
  • Hurstville
  • Burwood
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