With the syllabus changing for the first time in 20 years, we’ve refined our Year 11 and 12 courses to produce what we believe is the most comprehensive HSC Program in the market.

Course Commencement

Our Year 11 and 12 Courses commence in October 2018, with Module 1 taught from the beginning of Term 4. We firmly believe that Year 11 Course content should be taught at least ONE term ahead of school, to ensure that fundamental principles are taught and understood properly before revising them again in the school environment. Accelerated learning provides a competitive advantage against your peers in sitting assessments and exams.

Learn a Module in the Holidays (Acceleration Courses)

Our Extension Maths, Physics and Chemistry Courses are offered both during the term and in an intensive program (same hourly requirement) offered over 4 days in the preceding school holidays. Providing an option to accelerate a course in the holidays allows students to learn where term or travel commitments are too onerous and provides greater flexibility for students who are doing multiple subjects with us during the term.

Course Development

Over the past 12 months, we’ve assembled a team of industry experts to methodically update our course structure, homework and theory booklets, and online services to cater for the demands of the new HSC. Only at Talent 100, will you find Head of Departments from Sydney’s top schools, working alongside PhDs, University Medalists, NESA Curriculum consultants, and the HSC’s top performers. This educational diversity helps us integrate the perspectives of top students, teachers and educators to deliver you the best course programs.

Our HSC courses have been curated by:

  • Chemistry – Sue Colman (BSci, Pearsons contributor), Dr Malcolm Binns (PhD, University Medallist), Siddharth Saigal (BSci, LLB), Chris Skellern (B.Eng, BSci)
  • Physics – Richard Chua (MBA (Harvard), Nikhil Vasan (B.Sci (Adv), MD), Michael Liu (BSci(Adv)), Daniel Wang
  • Biology – Sue Colman, Judy Chen (BMed), Nicole Bradley (BSci), Ceena Kebriti (B.Sci (Adv))
  • English – Dr Jenny Wells (ex PLC, Kambala, Ascham)
  • Maths – David Sadler (ex Sydney Grammar), Alan Stoneham (PhD, Pure Mathematics), Zachary Sanchez (B.Sci (Adv))

10 Week Module & Lesson Structure

We have standardized our course structure to ensure it balances theory, practical skills with sufficient revision, and testing. Our 10 week modules comprise 7 weeks of content (with up to one week focused on practical skills development for Sciences), one revision week, one exam week and a final week dedicated to optional tutorials or individualised exam feedback.

Each lesson will commence with a short 10 minute marked quiz revising content from the previous week followed by teaching of the main course content. These shorter quizzes allow students, teachers and parents to identify any gaps in understanding on a weekly basis, with one term week dedicated to a full 3 hour exam testing the overall comprehension of the module.

Homework, Video Solutions and self-paced learning

At Talent, we believe strongly in the importance of completing and receiving marked homework solutions. Unlike other tutoring centres, we mark and return all student’s homework each week and provide weekly feedback to identify improvement areas. In 2019, we will also provide worked video solutions to homework problems for mathematics and science to provide step by step learning of the materials. This is increasingly important with the new Working Scientifically outcomes being assessed in the Science courses.

1 on 1 Tutorials

Starting Term 4 2018, we will be offering our Year 12 students fortnightly one on one tutorials as part of their enrolment package. This personalised service will allow senior students to build greater rapport with their tutors and improve on identified areas of weakness. Please read the attached terms and conditions on how to register and use these tutorials.

Holiday Revision Courses

To complete the three stage learning cycle, Talent offers between 3 to 5 hour holiday revision programs in January, April, July and September for selected Maths and Science courses that will comprehensively review the previous terms work. These courses are extremely important to ensure that all modules are learnt properly and best prepares you for the learning outcomes that will be examined. Students who enrol on a yearly basis for the whole course receive these holiday courses for free.

Talent 100 Learning Centre Locations

  • Chatswood
  • Epping
  • Hurstville
  • Burwood
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