Why do students need an ATAR? A question we receive from younger students in Year 7 and 8 always revolves around the HSC and the ATAR. Specifically why do NSW high school students actually need an ATAR? We answer your burning questions about the ATAR itself, and how it can open doors for you in […]

HSC ATAR Prediction is easier than it seems Students who understand scaling are rarely surprised when their ATAR comes out. They can often predict their ATAR very accurately well before they sit their HSC exams. The typical wisdom is to study your hardest for every subject, but if you look carefully at these scaling graphs, […]

Break down your ATAR: free and online! No more guesswork or assumptions, we’ve done the number crunching for you. How do I choose the right subjects to maximise my ATAR in the HSC? This is a common question we receive from Talent students who are in Year 10, and find themselves with the tough task […]