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For Students Preparing For The HSC Years 7 – 12

Students and parents can access Talent 100’s online learning platform and exclusive bank of advanced online learning resources and videos, study notes, exam style homework, homework solutions and over 3,000 HSC past papers and unique study forums from anywhere, any time on desktop, tablet or mobile. Plus, you’ll become a part of Talent 100’s unique top state ranking learning community, where you can reach out to past students and Mentors (tutors) who topped the state for advice via our learning forums.

Talent 100 Students Have Access To

Best Study
Best Study Notes

Guaranteed best study notes written by subject matter experts, including PhD academics and university medalists, Masters-qualified teachers and students who topped the state

Learning Videos
Online Learning Videos

Plus Online learning videos created by our inspirational subject matter experts, PhD academics, qualified teachers and Talent 100 top state ranking Mentors. See example videos below.

Best Available
Past Papers
Best Available Past Papers

Over 3,000 of the best available HSC past papers from Sydney’s top private, comprehensive and selective schools, including online resources collected over the last 20 years. These materials have been curated by our top state ranking team of teachers and Mentors.

Online Exam
Style Homework
Online Exam Style Homework

The best online homework structured in an exam-style format with solutions. Nothing is missing; all the work has been done for you!

Toughest HSC
Questions Answered
Toughest HSC Questions Answered

24/7 learning forums managed by our talented top-ATAR-scoring team. Access the forums via computer, tablet or smartphone and ask your HSC questions any time.

Parents Can

  • Check your child’s weekly attendance throughout the term
  • View homework results week by week to track your child’s progress
  • Communicate with Talent 100’s academic team directly
  • Review account information and status updates
  • Update personal details and contact information
  • Be the first to know about exclusive, free and special events throughout the year

A Totally Blended And Holistic Learning Experience

With our combination of personalised tutorials, online resources and small group classes, Talent 100 provides truly comprehensive high school and HSC tutoring. We offer a strategic and holistic learning experience. And, thanks to our easily accessible resources, your child doesn’t have to stop studying when they leave our state-of-the-art learning centres.

Students can manage their own learning experience, from Year 7 all the way through to HSC preparation, with Talent 100’s online resources anywhere by:

  • Set personal study goals based on your personal ATAR target plan
  • Booking personalised tutorials online
  • Managing their own grades
  • Checking homework marks and feedback from their Mentor on a weekly basis to track progress
  • Sitting practice exams in the comfort of their own home
  • Viewing solutions to exams online
  • Checking the leaderboard to compare their grades with other students’
  • Have your say: make suggestions on how we can improve our student learning experience and vote for what you think we are doing well.


The complete breakdown

When you enrol at Talent 100, you immediately gain complete access to our advanced online learning system for the subjects and topics you have enrolled in.

My-mentor.com.au is NSW’s leading, most advanced and comprehensive online resource platform for students preparing for the HSC.

Students who utilise Talent 100 online resources gain access to the following:

theory booklets


Theory booklets that systematically review the HSC syllabus one syllabus dot point at a time, providing a deep, first-principles understanding of key theory

Authors include Richard Chua (Founder of Talent 100), David Sadler (co-author of Cambridge University maths textbooks), PhD academics and university medalists, qualified teachers and top state ranking Mentors

Comes with ‘Talent 100 Tips’ for best practices in the HSC exams

Invaluable resource as study notes.


Our exam-style homework conditions you to the style, structure and rigour of HSC exams, allowing you to develop perfect exam technique

Full solutions with exam-style marking guidelines and sample answers written by Richard Chua(Founder) and Talent 100 Mentors who came first in the state, to help you develop your ability to answer to a full-marks standard.

Online Learning

Available online 24/7 via desktop, tablet or mobile

Learning videos created by our inspirational top state ranking Talent 100 Mentors

Learn or revise anytime, anywhere to go over the theory learnt during class or our holiday programs.

Resource Library
with over 3,000
past papers

A resource library with over 3,000 past papers and notes curated by our subject matter experts and top state ranking Mentors

Resources from Sydney’s top selective and private schools to help you prepare for your trials and exams. These resources are available across all Talent 100 subjects, regardless of the holiday program you have enrolled in.

Access To HSC
Learning Forums

Having access to our exclusive learning forums gives you the opportunity to be part of a unique learning community and share knowledge with your peers. The learning forums are facilitated by our top state ranking Mentors, who can give you invaluable tips and advice.

Access And Experience Talent 100’s Free Resources Here

HMX2 Introduction to Complex Numbers



FREE examples of online learning resources here

PCHEM - Water (Polar Molecules)



FREE examples of online learning resources here

10SCI Newton's Laws



FREE examples of online learning resources here

9MA Locus



FREE examples of online learning resources here



FREE examples of online learning resources here



FREE examples of online learning resources here

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