• Ujala Rao


    Ujala Rao

    English Mentor - Senior Mentor

Talent 100 Mentor
Ujala Rao
Learning Centre
Chatswood, Epping, Hurstville
School Attended
Xavier College
Bachelor of Arts and Education (Humanities and Social Sciences) at the University of Sydney
DET Public Teaching Scholarship (top 6 candidates 2014), New State Finalist for Public Speaking 2009‑2010, 2010 Debate Championship Award NSW
I enjoy working at Talent 100 because it is a dynamic and inclusive community. Our students and Mentors are passionate, intelligent and most importantly, kind. We pride ourselves in being a community who work to better ourselves intellectually and achieve fantastic results. Talent 100 prepares young people to succeed in all aspects of leadership

Having completed a Bachelor of Arts (Advanced), Ujala is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Education, (Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Language). Her accolades include being a NSW state finalist for Public Speaking, receiving the Department of Education and Training Public Teach Scholarship and the Debate Championship Award NSW. She loves high fashion and cats, and has a partially eidetic memory.

Her strategies to HSC success? Always think critically about everything you read, watch or view. Practise different forms of writing; challenge yourself by moving away from your comfort zone. And remember, "the world is made up of wolves and sheep. Don't be afraid of the wolf. Be the wolf."

Top 5 Study Tips

1Read widely! Always think critically about everything you read, watch or view.

2Practise different forms of writing, challenge yourself by moving away from your comfort zone.

3Balance study and social life! Study in groups, share notes and resources and use your peers for support and help.

4Always ask questions! Your teachers are here to help you, if you need extra guidance never feel scared to ask.

5Be passionate about the things you love! With passion, comes success.

Ujala's 2017 Timetable

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