• Spyridon Augoustinos


    Spyridon Augoustinos

    English Mentor

Talent 100 Mentor
Spyridon Augoustinos
Learning Centre
Chatswood, Epping, Hurstville
School Attended
Newington College
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Class II and Bachelor of Laws at the University of Sydney
University of Sydney Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Honour Roll (2016)
Premier's Award for All‑Round Excellence

Top 5 Study Tips

1My number one study tip would be to plan out your study timetable in advance in order to ensure you are revising in the most effective manner. Write up a weekly timetable, set down which subjects you will be studying each day and set a goal for each of your sessions so you feel a sense of achievement at the end of each session. Not only will this minimise cramming but it will motivate you to hit your targets daily.

2I would highly recommend tailoring your study notes to the course syllabus. For all of the English Advanced Modules, the Board of Studies provides a rubric which highlights the key aspects of the course and provides a framework from which essay questions are drawn. Ensuring that your quotes, themes and essay plans fit this rubric will make sure you will be able to answer any essay question thrown your way.

3When planning out your study, set task-orientated goals (e.g. 're-read key chapters of novel and highlight relevant quotes') rather than time-orientated goals ('study English for 2 hours') to ensure you are performing the most productive study.

4Splitting up a night's study into two different subjects (English and History/Maths and Chemistry) helps to prevent 'study-fatigue' as well as helping you cover more ground in less time.

5If you plan to study with friends, try and leave these sessions until the middle or end of your own studies so that you have a workable set of notes or essay plans to workshop with them. Group study is the most effective when everybody is contributing something to the discussion and when you are actively improving your existing study materials/knowledge of the course.

Spyridon's 2019 Timetable

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