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Talent 100 Mentor
Simon Guest
Teaching Experience
5 Years
Learning Centre
Bachelor of Science (Advanced Mathematics) with a Major in Advanced Pure Mathematics and Advanced Physics at the University of Sydney
University of Sydney Dean's Merit List
Science Foundation Award
Science Faculty Scholarships (Pure Mathematics & Physics)
Honours Scholarship (Pure Mathematics)
Honours Scholarship (Mathematical Physics)
Research Scholarship (Theoretical Physics)
Research Scholarship (Astrophysics)
Mathematics Education Prize, awarded by Professor The Honourable Dame Marie Bashir AD, CVO
It is an honour to be working among a group of individuals who are as imaginative as they are pragmatic when it comes to education. Talent 100 has built for itself, quite quickly, a reputation for excellence in both course-development and delivery. Mentors understand the need for conceptual understanding, and the application of appropriate assessment techniques, to make the most of their students’ abilities. It is an absolute privilege to be passing on knowledge and experience to help those who wish to help themselves.

With degrees in Pure Mathematics and Physics under his belt, he is the latest addition to our star-studded line-up of Mathematics Mentors, who between them include PhD candidates, textbook authors, and HSC state-rankers.

After achieving a UAI equivalent to a maximum ATAR of 99.95, Simon has gone on to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Advanced Pure Mathematics and Advanced Physics at the University of Sydney, achieving a High Distinction grade average, with a GPA of 6.97/7.00.

Top 5 Study Tips

1Learn why, as well as how. This is as close to a ‘silver bullet’ as you’ll get for success in any discipline.

2Be proactive in your learning. Learning independently forces the mind to process information deeply.

3Write, don’t just read. We store information more securely when it is written out by hand.

4Use ‘distributive practice’. Start your revision early, revise regularly to build knowledge, then ‘cram’ before the exam.

5Sleep. The brain does much of its work in establishing concepts during sleep. Without quality rest, you’re throwing away time spent on the books.

Simon's 2018 Timetable

No class schedules for this year.

* Talent 100 regularly opens new classes throughout the term based on demand. We will respond to accommodate your needs - if a class you'd like to trial or enrol in is full, please register your interest and when we have enough interest we will open another class.

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