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    Siddharth Saigal


Talent 100 Mentor
Siddharth Saigal
Learning Centre
School Attended
Penrith High School
Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Laws at the University of Sydney
Premier's Award for All‑Round Achievement The University of Sydney Business School Award Outstanding Academic Achievement in Economics
I enjoy working at Talent 100 because of the established work environment which is full of great people. Additionally I enjoy teaching at Talent as the students are motivated towards making a difference to their education.

A graduate of Penrith High School, Siddarth is currently undertaking a Double Bachelors in Law and Science at the University of Sydney. He also received the HSC iPremiers Award' and the University of Sydney Business School Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement in Economics.

He co-manages a YouTube electronic music channel and also lived in Kenya for four years of his life. Siddharth believes that balance is the key for the HSC and that if you're organised and make it a team sport by studying with others, you'll succeed.

His strategies to HSC success? Stay focused and try your best to achieve the goals you have set out for yourself, not the goals imposed upon you by those around you.

Top 5 Study Tips

1Balance is the key: Your HSC is a two year journey and nothing good will come from burning out before the finish line. Pace yourself and enjoy your senior years by going out whenever you can.

2Organisation: As you progress throughout the year, you need a method to remain on top of your schedule as it will become quite busy during your assessment periods. Please remember to organise time to get away from your work as well!

3Make your HSC a team effort: You will not benefit from hiding your resources from your friends and peers. Within reason, share notes and your resources to maximise your collective knowledge as your ATAR will be impacted by your whole school performance.

4Practise Handwriting: A majority of your units of study will require extended responses; there is no value in typing your notes when your HSC is all handwritten. Handwriting notes and summaries is essential in order to maintain legibility.

5Set some goals: Each term you should start by knowing what you want to accomplish; it may be ranking within the top 5 students of that subject or finishing your assignment early to make time for other commitments.

Siddharth's 2019 Timetable

Year 10
1, 2, 3
Sun 04:15 PM - 05:45 PM
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