• Samuel Lee


    Samuel Lee

    Senior Mentor

Talent 100 Mentor
Samuel Lee
Learning Centre
School Attended
Sydney Technical High School
Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws at the University of New South Wales
2015 Ashurst Beginners Mooting Grand Finalist, 2015 UNSW United Nations Society Education Director, Financial Management Association of Australia (FMAA) Executive Sub‑Committee, UNSW Law Society
I love working at Talent because of its unique approach and ambition with I find compatible with my own experience and mentality; especially its focus on deconstructing and understanding the HSC process which I believe is an integral aspect of HSC success. I also love the working environment, which encourages Mentors to be innovative and take initiative in finding ways to enhance the learning experience of students.

Currently undertaking a Bachelor of Commerce, Samuel was a prefect, was on the Student Representative Council and the United Nations Youth Association at Sydney Technical High School. He likes soccer, water polo, politics, music and plays the drums.

His secrets to HSC success: You only reap the benefits of the effort you invest in your study. Set short and long term goals and plan accordingly. Participation in extra-curricular activities can go a long way to improve your focus, communication skills and maturity. And lastly - "Take intellectual risks and trust your judgement; be bold, set a direction and take charge of your own studies and future".

Top 5 Study Tips

1Set short-term/long-term goals and plan accordingly.

2Understand and attempt to deconstruct the HSC.

3You only reap the benefits of the effort you invest in your study.

4Practise makes perfect!

5Participation in extracurricular activities like debating, leadership and volunteering can go a long way in improving your focus, communication skills and maturity.

Samuel's 2019 Timetable

Year 11
1, 2, 3
Sun 04:30 PM - 06:00 PM

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