• Maxwell Ding


    Maxwell Ding


Talent 100 Mentor
Maxwell Ding
Learning Centre
Chatswood, Epping
School Attended
James Ruse Agricultural High School
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at Western Sydney University

Top 5 Study Tips

1If you feel like studying isn't as effective anymore, change your study area - having fresh scenery keeps your mind active.

2Reading to de-stress is a great opportunity to reset your brain throughout your HSC.

3Use your school timetable if you need somewhere to start when studying during the holidays.

4Quell your desire to procrastinate by reverting to a brick phone during exam periods to avoid wasting that precious time!

5Use post-it notes for tasks! The feeling of scrunching one up and chucking it when you're done is euphoric.

Maxwell's 2019 Timetable

No class schedules for this year.

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