• Matthew Kwon


    Matthew Kwon


Talent 100 Mentor
Matthew Kwon
Learning Centre
Chatswood, Epping
School Attended
North Sydney Boys High School
Bachelor of Medical Studies/Doctor of Medicine at the University of New South Wales

Top 5 Study Tips

1Know where you study the most efficiently, whether it's at home, school, or the library. This means you'll be able to stay focused and not waste valuable time.

2Don't forget to take care of yourself and spend time with friends and family. Studying and marks are important, but they're nothing without the support around you.

3Don't dwell on one or two bad marks. You need to stay positive and use those marks as a lesson to help you achieve better marks in the future. One bad mark doesn't make you a bad student.

4Try to understand the concept behind things, rather than memorising information. Especially in subjects like Maths, it's much more beneficial to learn why certain concepts and formulas are the way they are, rather than rote learning them.

5Ask your teachers and peers for feedback. You might feel embarrassed or even scared that you are disturbing someone, but gaining constructive criticism from your friends and teachers is one of the best ways to pick up mistakes and improve, especially for subjects like English.

Matthew's 2018 Timetable

No class schedules for this year.

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