• Jessica Bulluss


    Jessica Bulluss


Talent 100 Mentor
Jessica Bulluss
Learning Centre
Chatswood, Epping
School Attended
James Ruse Agricultural High School
Bachelor of Science (Adv.) and Doctor of Medicine at the University of Sydney
Achieved 100th percentile in UMAT
Students who attempt the UMAT without adequate guidance feel as if they're taking a test in a foreign language. The MedStart program is your dictionary to the UMAT and the friendly team here, who have all gone through the same journey as you, will give you the support you need to achieve total fluency.

Jessica is a self-professed doggo meme fanatic. She also loves travelling, dancing and eating copious amounts of ice-cream and/or soft serve.

After realising she wanted to pursue Medicine in Year 10, and surprising everyone (most of all herself) with a 100 Percentile in the UMAT and a 99.95 in the 2015 HSC, she found herself at Sydney University. While she finds that studying Medicine is a scary thought, it is certainly a rewarding journey. She's sure that if you're starting to prepare for the UMAT and are thinking of becoming a Doctor, that you feel the same way.

Top 5 Study Tips

1Be efficient with your time. It's not about how many hours you put in, but rather, what you completed in that time.

2Get plenty of sleep - it'll make concentrating on study and school so much more easier.

3Use your goals to motivate you, e.g. keep your dream uni degree in mind when you feel overwhelmed and it will help you get back on track.

4Do past papers under exam conditions at home. This was probably one of my most effective study methods to prepare for an exam.

5Be kind to yourself and don't despair if you don't keep up to date with your study commitments. Life can be unexpected at times and there's a lot of time to bounce back.

Jessica's 2019 Timetable

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