• Gabriella Edelstein


    Gabriella Edelstein

    English Mentor

Talent 100 Mentor
Gabriella Edelstein
Teaching Experience
7 Years
Learning Centre
Chatswood, Epping
Completing Doctor of Philosophy at University of Sydney, Masters of Shakespearean Studies from Kings College London, Bachelor of Arts (First Class Honours) from University of Sydney
Australian Postgraduate Award PhD funding University of Sydney Honours Scholarship

Top 5 Study Tips

1Be curious. Studying can become repetitive, but if you're curious about the subject matter, you'll always find a little nugget of knowledge to inspire your work.

2Follow your passions. It's much easier to study subjects you're passionate about rather than those that bore you. Genuine interest will take you a lot farther than simply the will to do well.

3Ask questions. Knowledge is as much of a journey as it is a destination, and that journey is founded on asking questions.

4Be kind to yourself. Studying for the HSC can be extremely stressful and tiring. Remember to take down time to relax with friends or by doing your favourite hobbies. It's also important to show yourself compassion by avoiding negative self-talk - be positive about yourself!

5Be self aware. No one knows you better than you. If you feel you can work a bit harder, work harder. If you feel like you need a break, take a break.

Gabriella's 2019 Timetable

No class schedules for this year.

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