• Dr. Tim Hanna


    Dr. Tim Hanna

    English Mentor- Head of English

Talent 100 Mentor
Dr. Tim Hanna
Teaching Experience
10 Years
School Attended
Oakhill College
B.A. (Honours 1st Class and University Medal), University of Sydney;
Ph.D. in Literature and Creative Writing, University of New South Wales
Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching (UNSW) English Association (Sydney Branch) Prize for Best Thesis' James Coutts Scholarship for English (USyd)' Michael Orange Prize for Senior English' (USyd) University of Sydney Writing Competition Poetry Award
One of the best parts of life is spending time with people who want to learn and grow. I love working with students and colleagues who never want to stop learning and growing, and who help me grow every day.

Tim's Ph.D. in Literature and Creative Writing at the University of New South Wales is supported by accolades including the Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching, the English Association Prize for Best Thesis, an Honours 1st Class and the University Medal for his Bachelor of Arts degree, the James Coutts Scholarship and the Michael Orange Prize for English. More importantly, he's achieved all this whilst loving the nature of the big outdoors, and helping others at Christmas Island and more locally in Redfern. His secret for HSC success is understanding that you're supposed to make mistakes, because that's how you learn. Make these mistakes in the safe and dynamic environment of Talent 100, so that you can breed success for the HSC.

Top 5 Study Tips

1Make a promise to yourself to really understand the ideas you're learning and writing about. You'll always express yourself better when you understand and mean what you say.

2Help teach your friends and let your friends teach you.

3The best breaks for your brain include good food and fresh air, not screen time.

4Get at least 8 hours of sleep a night if you want to absorb the things you're taught!

5You're supposed to make mistakes - that's how you learn.

Tim's 2017 Timetable

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