• Daniel Xue


    Daniel Xue


Talent 100 Mentor
Daniel Xue
Learning Centre
School Attended
Sydney Boys High School
Bachelor of Medical Studies (BMed)/ Doctor of Medicine (MD) at UNSW
100th percentile UMAT (2017)
UNSW Business Studies Competition Prize for 2nd

Top 5 Study Tips

1Be consistent. Studying your content in smaller sessions across the entire year is far more effective and easier than cramming.

2Use your school time wisely! A LOT of students tend to slack off at school, but there's plenty of valuable hours there that you can use to improve.

3Find time to relax, preferably away from the screen. It's important to give yourself breaks here and there so you don't burn out.

4Find ways to keep yourself motivated! Personally, I found that studying with my friends was a good balance between work and relaxation.

5Don't cram the night before! Making sure you're well rested has more value than trying to remember those last few dot points.

Daniel's 2019 Timetable

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