• Claudia Harper


    Claudia Harper

    Senior Mentor

Talent 100 Mentor
Claudia Harper
Learning Centre
School Attended
Killara High School
Bachelor of Science (Adv. Mathematics) and Laws at the University of Sydney
USYD Dean's Entry Science Scholarship recipient USYD Talented Student's Program UNSW Medal for Mathematics Burnett Science Award for Outstanding Achievement, and numerous high distinctions in nation‑wide maths, science and geography competitions.
Talent 100 education is an exceptional tutoring centre that prides itself both on its student's successes, and its unique approach to learning. Talent 100 understands that the HSC is not easy, and is therefore equipped to provide the resources, exams, support and discipline that are required to reach optimum success in school and beyond. As a Mentor at Talent, I see first-hand the enthusiasm and dedication that the staff place in every single student, and it is this attention to detail that makes Talent achieve the outstanding results it achieves. I would strongly advise Talent to any high-school student who wishes to better their marks in a friendly, innovative environment.

Currently completing a double Bachelors in Science (Advanced Mathematics) and Law at the University of Sydney, Claudia's accolades include the Dean's Entry Science Scholarship and Talented Student's Program, UNSW Medal for Mathematics, and the Burnett Science Award for Outstanding Achievement. She also happens to be afraid of dogs, even the "cute" caboodles in pet shop windows!

Her secrets to HSC success? Practise HSC style questions and get them marked, prepare notes throughout the year to avoid last minute inefficient note taking and read from a variety of sources. The best piece of advice given to her was "Swim towards the bigger pond, because that's where all the fun is".

Top 5 Study Tips

1Prepare notes throughout the year to avoid inefficient last minute note-making.

2Read from a variety of sources (i.e. different textbooks).

3Keep study and music separate.

4Practise answering HSC style questions and get them marked.

5Remember to stay cool, calm and collected!

Claudia's 2018 Timetable

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