• Andrew Ni


    Andrew Ni


Talent 100 Mentor
Andrew Ni
Learning Centre
Bachelor of Medical Studies and Doctor of Medicine at the University of New South Wales
HSC All‑Round Achievers, Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Medal, UNSW Medicine First Year Prize

Top 5 Study Tips

1Past papers are your best friend. Aim to do at least 10 for each subject before an exam period.

2Having a good set of notes for each subject is very helpful however, those notes don't need to be your own. Making your own notes is extremely time consuming and the time spent making the notes could be better spent studying and memorizing content.

3Always analyse the marking criteria for questions you can't answer and identify the improvements you need to make before moving on.

4Make sure you actually understand each idea and concept you are learning before you try to memorize anything. It makes the task much easier.

5When revising content, pretend you are teaching the content to a student and recite the important information without referring to notes. After, refer to your notes and identify the areas you missed or need to further familiarize yourself with

Andrew's 2019 Timetable

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