• Alex Liang


    Alex Liang


Talent 100 Mentor
Alex Liang
Learning Centre
School Attended
Sydney Boys High School
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Space Engineering Major) with Advanced Engineering at the University of Sydney
Ranked 3rd in school for Physics, Award of Excellence: Australian National Chemistry Quiz, Awarded multiple Distinctions for Australian Mathematics Competition, ICAS English and Science.

Top 5 Study Tips

1Have a balance - you're not going to be studying every second, so find something else to do. Go for a run, play an instrument; take your mind off the books.

2Understand the content, don't memorise answers. It's important to know where the answers come from, and in the process, you'll find answering questions becomes much more easier.

3Focus on other subjects too. Your ATAR is based off 10 units, so make sure all of them are done to the best of your ability.

4Make a study plan - make a list of what you want to complete everyday, and make sure you get it done.

5Discipline yourself - there will be days where you really just don't want to study. You'll only be doing the HSC once, so fight that urge and just get it done!

Alex's 2019 Timetable

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