Staying motivated in school and tutoringMeet our Talent 100 Student: Jason Yan

While you’re usually used to our staff and mentor blogs, we’ve decided to flip the switch so you can find out more about the students who actually study at Talent 100.

This week we had a chat with Jason, who studied at our Talent 100 Burwood Learning Centre. Keep reading to find out Jason’s tips about subject selection and university aspirations:


Jason Yan


Sydney Boys High School

University goal:

Medicine or Commerce/Law

Which subjects are you currently taking at school?

English Advanced, Physics, Chemistry (may change to Economics), Geography Accelerated and Maths Extension.

What are some of your hobbies out of school?

Water polo and football – as a social sport after high school.

Which Talent 100 centre did you study in?

Burwood and the Sydney CBC centres

What was the best part of studying at Talent?

Tutor: small class which was tailored to the course, and more personalised to to focus on what was needed.

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Can you share your number one study tip for future students?

Revise regularly before exams, and ask your teachers if you have any questions about the content at school. Don’t be afraid to ask!

What are some of your tips to overcome stress in regards to school/tutoring?

Get everything ready, notes – and make sure you do enough preparation before class or exams. Put in the effort early on and this will definitely help.

How do you stay motivated when it comes to keeping up with your school work and assessments?

Friends at school help to keep me focused and motivated. Also, I have a competitive nature to help drive forward all the time which helps!

What are some of your main tips about subject selection at school?

I would recommend choosing subjects that you enjoy. This also does depend on your strengths and performance in the subject as well.

Lastly, consider the scaling these subjects will have on your desired ATAR. Scaling is only important if you are aiming for a high ATAR.

Looking to boost your marks this term?

Join our community at Talent 100! We have online classes, and also face-to-face lessons at Chatswood, Epping, Hurstville, Burwood and Sydney CBD.

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