Get a Band 6 in HSC Physics The time before your Trials is so crucial; it is in your best interest to revise the main topic areas and go through any information which is troubling you. Depend on your notes This is why note-taking throughout the year is so important! We highly recommend making notes […]

Include past papers as your secret HSC Physics weapon As our Talent past students say, the best way to put your theory and note-taking to the ultimate test is by using HSC Physics past papers as practice. Past HSC Physics Papers are the best way to study because they follow the points from the syllabus, […]

Tips on how to get a Band 6 in HSC Physics With the HSC Examinations just around the corner, we tackle some of the most popular queries students like you have. One of which we see year after year is how to study better for the Physics HSC Exam – and with good reason! Physics […]