Exploring Work & Energy in HSC Physics Introducing the concepts of Work and Energy in relation to Advanced Mechanics, part of Module 5 Defining work Work is a measure of the displacing effect of a force on an object. It is found by multiplying the applied force with the displacement travelled in the direction of […]

HSC Physics has a lot of content in it, and managing it all can be very difficult. What can be even harder is working out what you don’t know, and when to use which formula for a specific example. Two key pieces of documentation are the physics syllabus and the formula sheet that all students […]

For those studying Physics a common question asked is – how do you study for it? What can HSC students do best to prepare for one of the harder subjects’ they will undertake in their HSC? The answer is not simple. The old syllabus catered itself towards a style that involved more rote learning, with […]

Master HSC Physics before Trials From past papers to YouTube videos, we’ve got your Physics study covered Explore our study tips which will make revising so much easier before your Trial Physics exams, suggested by our Mentors and past Talent students. Always start with the Physics Syllabus The syllabus is your go-to guide for everything […]

Tips on how to get a Band 6 in HSC Physics With the HSC Examinations just around the corner, we tackle some of the most popular queries students like you have. One of which we see year after year is how to study better for the Physics HSC Exam – and with good reason! Physics […]