I like to think of the HSC as a vast canyon that you need to somehow make your way across. You start off with nothing, and are somehow expected to build yourself a bridge strong enough to cross it. This bridge is built from ropes, and each rope is built from fragile, thin threads. For […]

Looking back to 2015, the year in which I graduated from Caringbah High School, I realise that my approach to the HSC could be condensed into two overarching themes: control and balance. Control For me, understanding what I could and could not control, and then not worrying about the latter, was, and still is, fundamental […]

It’s a question that parents and students alike ask all the time: what do top students do differently? Sebastian Schwartz, who completed his HSC in 2015, gives his perspective. If there’s one thing that I think is true about the HSC, exams, and learning in general, it’s that there’s a huge variety of ways that people […]