Congratulations to all of our Year 12 Students who sat the HSC this year Your hard work and diligence has definitely paid off, and you should all be proud of your outstanding ATAR and subject results! Take a look at a snapshot of results for Year 12 2018: 2 students* received an ATAR of 99.95 […]

In Year 12, it rained the day before the start of every exam block “Pathetic fallacy,” I used to jokingly tell myself as I stared out of the window, books and sticky notes scattered all around me. Yet though it didn’t seem like it then, Year 12 wasn’t all study and no play. I graduated […]

So what is scaling and how exactly does it work? There’s a lot of mythology out there, and many differing opinions. For example, schools frequently tell their students something along the lines of “study whatever you find interesting, scaling doesn’t affect how well you’ll do if you’re passionate about what you’re learning.” Meanwhile, students themselves […]

For the first time in 17 years, the NSW HSC syllabus is being overhauled New school assessment standards will be introduced commencing in January 2018. If you’re starting Year 11 in 2018, you’re part of the group of trailblazers who will be learning the new content for the first time. This means you’re going to need […]

It’s the awkward divide between when the last term of Year 12 finishes, and when the NSW HSC Exams take place For many, it’s an odd combination of relief and stress, and freedom and restriction. Suddenly, you no longer have the structure of the school day and very few commitments; at the same time, there […]

Teaching is one of the most important professions in our society today So, what qualities do the best teachers have? What sets them apart, and lets them bring out the best in our students? Here are a few attributes that we believe really excellent educators all share: They’re great communicators Teachers who communicate well are […]

If you’re in Year 10 going into Year 11, there’s some big decisions coming up In Year 11, you start your Preliminary Higher School Certificate (HSC) courses. These continue into Year 12 where they become the HSC courses you’re assessed on to get your Australian Tertiary Admissions Ranking, or ‘ATAR’. There are a few important […]