How To Prepare For The Year 12 HSC Trial Examinations How can I prepare for the Trial HSC Exams? This is one of the most common questions we receive at Talent this time of year. Here are a few tips from our high-achieving Mentors and past students about what helped them prepare for the Trial […]

How to survive the 2019 school year Another school year is just around the corner, and now is truly the best time to incorporate good study habits for the year ahead Whether you’re starting Year 10 or preparing for the Trial Examinations and HSC in Year 12, we have compiled a few helpful study tips […]

Keep your mind fresh with these foods Which foods should you be eating whilst studying for the HSC, and why? In previous articles, we’ve already talked about how avoiding hunger while studying is a great way to minimise procrastination by keeping your energy levels up – but what kinds of things should you be eating, […]

Learn your Science lingo before the HSC Whether you’re taking Physics, Chemistry, Biology, or another science, one thing you’re going to come up against time and time again in both Year 11 and 12 is dealing with HSC Keywords These are the ‘signposting words’ that begin a written response question, like ‘explain’, ‘describe’, ‘outline’, ‘analyse’, and […]

How to prevent HSC burnout The later years of high school, and in particular Year 12, can seem daunting When confronted with the increasingly high-stakes environment that is the NSW HSC, it can be tempting to take the common approach of trying to cut out everything aside except study – supposedly, to achieve better results. […]

How to create the best HSC study notes Taking notes has long been a part of the learning and revision process for high school students (as well as a vital tool at university and beyond) Learning to accurately transcribe information, as well as absorb that information, is essential to learn something new or revise something […]

How to use Past Papers in your study In theory, when studying for the HSC (or any exam) is fairly simple – practice what you’re going to have to do, and you’ll be better prepared To utilise past papers properly in your study, you shouldn’t just indiscriminately grind away at them and try and improve […]

Build your own HSC study environment A key factor in how productive you are when you study is how you set up your study environment Though it might seem superficial, where you study very much affects how you study, as well as your state of mind when you do so. Studying is tough. Simply because […]