Another school year is just around the corner, and now is truly the best time to incorporate good study habits for the year ahead. Whether you’re starting Year 10 or preparing for the Trial Examinations and HSC in Year 12, we have compiled a few helpful study tips which will make school life so much […]

Yeah, we know this one sounds a little counter-intuitive… but seriously, it’s important! The fact is, contrary to popular belief, even the best students aren’t machines who spend every waking minute glued to their notes.   Everyone is human, and as humans, we all need to work to the limits of our attention span!   […]

Procrastination is the arch enemy of productivity; somehow, most people have a tendency to fail to work efficiently and effectively until the very last minute. If this sounds like you, don’t be embarrassed! Some amount of procrastination is somewhat inevitable, simply because of the way that we irrationally evaluate the pros and cons of doing […]

  So far in our procrastination series, we’ve discussed the importance of creating a study environment that minimises distraction and maximises focus, and the necessity of having a concrete plan.   Here, we’re going to break down what a “concrete plan” means – it needs to be written and recorded, so that you will be […]

The underlying cause of procrastination is essentially that we find work an unpleasant and arduous prospect. However, while you’re probably never really going to ever get really excited to write yet another Hamlet essay, breaking down your work into manageable chunks and coming up with a concrete plan can really minimise the chances you’ll put […]

The 24 hours leading up to an exam can often be the most daunting, and it is important to be able to deal with the inevitable nerves appropriately, and prepare yourself to be as composed and adept as possible on the day.   Everyone has their own routine and coping mechanisms, and should adhere by […]

In Year 12, it rained the day before the start of every exam block. “Pathetic fallacy,” I used to jokingly tell myself as I stared out of the window, books and sticky notes scattered all around me. Yet though it didn’t seem like it then, Year 12 wasn’t all study and no play. I graduated […]

    In previous articles, we’ve already talked about how avoiding hunger while studying is a great way to minimise procrastination by keeping your energy levels up – but what kinds of things should you be eating and why?   While this is as much a matter of personal preference as anything else, there’s definitely […]

Studying maths on your own, or doing homework, can be challenging at any level – Year 7 through Year 12. These are some tools that can be very helpful in your maths study. Past Papers Past papers are the ultimate tool for HSC Maths preparation. They test the same knowledge that will be tested on […]

Whether you’re taking Physics, Chemistry, Biology, or another science, one thing you’re going to come up against time and time again in both Year 11 and 12 is dealing with HSC Keywords. These are the ‘signposting words’ that begin a written response question, like ‘explain’, ‘describe’, ‘outline’, ‘analyze’, and more. The full list can be found […]