Only one more term left until the HSC starts, how should you prepare? The July School Holidays are an important time for Year 12 students – they are a time to revise, rest, reflect on the year that was 2020, and persevere before the final term of school begins. We’ve compiled a few tips from […]

School and tuition has changed – this is how we can adapt to learn online from home With so many changes happening in the world right now, school and tutoring will have to grow and adapt to meet the needs of both teachers and students, and keep everyone safe. If you’re currently in self-isolation, studying […]

HSC stress seems inevitable, but how can we best utilise it? Coping with stress is a skill that we can teach to students, since it’s something that they can use throughout their entire lives. Whether you’re sitting the HSC, making a speech in front of a room full of people, or attending a job interview […]

What is your study style? Ever wondered why you don’t retain information by listening to a podcast, but on the other hand, your friend does? Or do you prefer handwriting all of your notes and colour-coding each section, rather than typing them up – which is usually the faster option? If there was one thing […]

How to keep productivity high during holidays Is there a way to enjoy the school holidays wisely, so you can have enough time to study and relax without feeling overworked? One of the biggest questions we’re often asked at Talent 100 is always ‘How much should I study over the school holidays?’ This answer depends […]

Write effective HSC study notes Want to learn how to write better, and more effective study notes for your subjects? Past students will tell you that the note-taking process actually gets easier the more you do it. Getting into the habit of writing study notes in your younger years, actually changes the way you interact […]

Handwriting or typing studying notes: What’s the verdict? Since most of us find typing relatively faster than handwriting, does this mean that we should all upgrade our pens for laptops when it comes to studying? Whether you like to hand write all of your study notes, exclusively use a tablet, or perhaps even a mixture […]

Achieve your ATAR goals for the new year With Term 1 just around the corner, this is the perfect time for Year 12 Students to make the most of their New Years Resolutions and create good study habits for the HSC If students get into these habits now, they will find it easier to stick […]

How to study better for the HSC We know this one sounds a little counter-intuitive… but seriously, it’s important! The fact is, contrary to popular belief, even the best students aren’t machines who spend every waking minute glued to their notes. Everyone is human, and as humans, we all need to work to the limits […]

Create your perfect school-study environment Procrastination is the arch enemy of productivity; people have a tendency to fail to work efficiently and effectively until the very last minute If this sounds like you, don’t be embarrassed! Some amount of procrastination is somewhat inevitable, simply because of the way we irrationally evaluate the pros and cons […]