Imagery is a language technique where the author uses words and descriptions to convey a sense When used well, imagery helps us as readers to form a picture of what is happening in the story, and it makes the reading experience more immersive. First up, let’s take a look at this example, which does not […]

Don’t use passive voice in your HSC examinations and assessments Passive voice in grammar means expressing actions without actually saying who’s doing them, or who they apply to. A lot of high school students try to use passive voice because they believe that is sounds more sophisticated or academic to a reader. In reality, it’s […]

HSC 2020: English Advanced Paper 1 & 2 To prepare for the upcoming school term, we will start by exploring the key differences between English Advanced Paper 1 and Paper 2 of the HSC exams, since many students will commence the Module A studies upon returning to school. We will have a look at why […]

What are the different types of Human Experiences we can cover in English Advanced? Let us continue our discussion of the HSC Advanced English Common Module: Texts and Human Experiences, by examining the different types of human experiences. This list is not exhaustive, and we will cover more examples in class. However, they will give […]

Common Module: Texts and Human Experiences is the only module studied across all three HSC levels of English. This covers English Studies, Standard and Advanced – and it is often the first module that schools will approach. In many ways, it is arguably the easiest module to do well in, but it does involve a […]

Interpreting Shakespeare’s literature in High School In the HSC Advanced English syllabus, Shakespearean drama is a required text for study in Year 12. This means that all students across New South Wales will study either: The Merchant of Venice, Richard III, The Tempest or Henry IV Part 1 at some point in their final year. […]

Which types of books will help develop skills which transfer over the the classroom? One of the best ways to establish a solid foundation for high school English is to maintain a diverse reading diet over the school holidays. But which types of books will help develop skills which transfer over the classroom? Here are […]

HSC English Time Management For students about to sit their HSC Exams, it can be stressful thinking about the first hurdle to clear: the pair of papers for Advanced English. Many students have trouble completing all the sections in the allotted time, and so, might not receive marks which reflect their ability. With our expertise […]

A list of HSC English terms all students should know From alliteration to assonance, we have outlined all English terms you should know according to NESA, from Year 7 all the way to Year 12. You can also adapt some of these key words across other school subjects, so save this list in your favourites […]

Here’s how to excel in HSC Advanced English HSC English in a nutshell.. How exactly does one get a Band 6 Essay in Advanced English? Some of our best performing students in Advanced English will tell you that it all comes down to presenting your arguments, and accurately understanding what the question is asking you. […]