Cross Curriculum Priorities in HSC Chemistry One of the changes introduced when the new syllabus was introduced in 2017 was the inclusion of several pieces of content that were identified as “cross-curriculum priorities. These priorities are meant to be represented and examined in several subjects, including in the HSC Chemistry course. In this entry, I’d […]

Chemistry is a practical subject, and as such much of it is conducted in a lab Although the final exam is still purely written, the practical aspect of the course can still be examined in several ways. Additionally, one of the internal assessments and the depth study often involve a significant amount of practical work. […]

How to start naming chemicals in Organic Chemistry (Module 7) The third module of the HSC Chemistry course, Module 7: Organic Chemistry, is the longest of the four modules, with 2.5 pages full of syllabus dot points. It may seem daunting at first, and initially it seems like it will require significant memorisation, however the […]

Exam Tips From a Band 6 Chemistry Student When you sit down in the exam hall for your HSC Chemistry examination, the paper in front of you will contain questions from all four modules that you’ve studied this year. The questions can come in any order from these modules and will have a range of […]

One of the most difficult sections of the new HSC Chemistry syllabus is spectroscopy in Module 8 This includes nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), infrared (IR), ultraviolet (UV) spectroscopies and mass spectrometry. In this entry, I’ll be diving deep into mass spectrometry to give you an idea of how much detail you’ll need to know, to […]

Breaking down the HSC Chemistry Data Sheet Apart from the exam paper, in the HSC you’ll also be given a 4-page document with various essential formulas and data values that you may need to refer to. It is important that you understand where and when you might need to use these values to avoid having […]

Master each module which forms HSC Chemistry The HSC Chemistry course is broken down into four modules. Each module focuses on a core element of all fields of chemistry that you could study later on at University. In this entry, I’d like to discuss each module briefly and give you an idea of what types […]

Master HSC Chemistry before Trials From past papers to YouTube videos, we’ve got your Chemistry study covered Explore our study tips which will make revising so much easier before your Trial Chemistry exams, suggested by our Mentors and past Talent students. Past Papers You’ve probably heard this tip ad nauseam, but it’s a tip which […]

Tips and tricks for nailing HSC Chemistry The time before your Trials is so crucial; it is in your best interest to revise the main topic areas and go through any information which is troubling you. Depend on your notes This is why note-taking throughout the year is so important! We highly recommend making notes […]

Chemistry class is now in session Let’s take a closer look at the Reactions of Metals (Module 3 Preliminary Chemistry) Hosted by our Talent 100 Academic Director Dr Nikhil Vasan, we’re going to break down a few of the most important topics for each section of Module 3: Metal Activity Series and Displacement Reactions for […]