Mitosis and Meiosis: Everything you should know Deep dive into the process of meiosis and mitosis in Module 5 Heredity What is Mitosis? Mitosis is the process when a cell divides to produce two new cells. In multicellular organisms, mitosis occurs in somatic cells, which are all the cells making up the body (excluding sex […]

Module 5 Heredity: Every term to help you succeed Don’t start HSC Biology Module 5 without these helpful terms at hand to guide you in the course. Chromosome A thread-like structure carrying genetic information in the form of DNA. Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes – 46 chromosomes in total) Homologous A pair of maternal […]

Biotechnology in Artificial and Natural Selection Let’s take a closer look into Biotechnology and how this plays into Natural and Artificial Selection A beginners guide to Biotechnology Biotechnology is the collection of techniques aiming towards the deliberate alteration of the genetic composition of living organisms. Biotechnology allows humans to reap several benefits in the fields […]

Deep dive into structure and function of cell organelles The following images are electron micrographs which allow us to take a closer look at the graphs and functions of cells. Cell Membrane Function: Surrounds a cell, allows certain materials to enter the cell and waste products to exit. Outer membrane of the cell that controls […]

A deep dive into Module 1: Preliminary Biology What distinguishes one cell from another? We take a look into different cellular structures that students will encounter in Year 11 Biology. What is a cell? The basis of our knowledge in biology and all life comes from our understanding of cells and how they work. Before […]

Biology study tips that actually work Studying for Biology is often quite different to studying the other sciences, such as Chemistry or Physics, as there is so much content to learn. However, the fundamentals of sticking to the syllabus and doing past papers remain the same. Syllabus Following the NESA Biology syllabus is the key […]

Everything you need to know about Year 11 & 12 Biology An overview of what the biology course entails for any student interested in the Sciences or a healthcare related field. For students in Year 10, who may still be deciding what subjects to choose, this overview of the course will provide more information whether […]

Master HSC Biology before Trials From past papers to YouTube videos, we’ve got your Biology study covered Explore our study tips which will make revising so much easier before your Trial Biology exams, suggested by our Mentors and past Talent students. Use acronyms and mnemonics Biology is a very content heavy subject, which requires students […]

Tips and tricks for nailing HSC Biology The time before your Trials is so crucial; it is in your best interest to revise the main topic areas and go through any information which is troubling you. Use examples It’s true, Biology is a very content-heavy subject, but this doesn’t mean that you need to memorise […]

Tips on how to get a Band 6 in HSC Biology With the HSC Examinations just around the corner, we tackle some of the most popular queries students like you have. One of which we see year after year is how to study better for the Biology HSC Exam – and with good reason! Biology […]